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JGR makes changes on the #18 pit crew following the race at Chicagoland

Can’t say we saw this coming! It appears that the #18 team of Joe Gibbs Racing and long time front tire changer Nick Odell have parted ways. Odell was changing at Chicagoland ...

Pit roads most popular crewmen and teams….according to twitter!

We have updated our twitter database with the newest members of NASCARs pit road. Below you will find updated numbers on the most popular crewmen and teams. Take a look and enjoy. ...

The man behind the LED pit road signs

A few years back a movement was made to start having lit up pit road signs. Sounds like a pretty common sense idea but up until a few years back it wasn’t ...

What to expect on pit road in tomorrow’s Cup race at Michigan

This race always comes down to fuel mileage at some point. With that being said, strategy and tires play a roll in what the pit calls will be. If the past is ...

Crewman talk about what it was like standing next to pit wall when Kasey Kahne came crashing into it

I’ve always asked myself…How would I react if I found myself in a real life situation where I could actually die right then and there! Sounds like a weird opening remark but ...

Ex Jack man for the #24 finds new home on the #20

A few weeks back the #24 pit crew of Jeff Gordon made changes. One of those changes was at the Jackman position. Longtime Jackman Bailey Walker, who had been with the team ...

#14 crew of Tony Stewart makes change in their pit crew….Again!

Just a few weeks ago we reported that the #14 crew was getting a new tire changer in the front. Tire Changer Bryan Jacobson was undergoing shoulder surgery and would be out ...

Why this years pit stop times in the All Star Qualifier will blow last years times out of the water

This years All Star qualifying pit stop will be a very exciting one. Not only is there no speed limit down pit road, which makes for great entertainment, but this year there ...

Is it easier or harder to pit when your team is running up front?

This is an age old debate that pit crews have had for years. The statement we hear the most is this: “its much easier to pit when your running in the back ...

Wreck on pit road injures three during Xfinity race at Talladega

Mid way through the race Saturday afternoon in Talladega there was a pit road incident that sent one crew member to the infield care and left two others hurt. As cars were ...

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