By:  Joe Piette

At 9:30am et this morning, NASCAR announced new crew limit rules in the Cup, Xfinity and Truck series for 2018.  These rules included going from 6 to 5 over the wall crewmembers and that the Fueler will only be allowed to fuel and nothing else.

In my opinion, it looks like one Tire Carrier position is what will be affected the most.  This reduction was talked about a little over a year ago but then just sort of went away.  I was very vocal about the timing last year and made a point that if a rule like this was going to be implemented, announce it earlier in the season to give crewmembers time to re-train or have a plan for their future if their position may be in jeopardy.  I don’t have a huge problem with the new rule but I do feel like the timing of this announcement is less than desirable.  The week after the last race of the year is when many folks take a little time off and recharge.  Being the day before Thanksgiving has put a lot of crewmembers on edge and not knowing what their future in our sport holds.

The new rules announcement did not have a lot of details but I have been assured that the teams will get more details in the very near future.  This new rule will be a challenge for all the teams.  Let’s face it, trying to accomplish a pit stop with one less person is going to take some creative thinking.  No doubt it will be a very interesting “off season” for all the pit crews and teams.

Here’s hoping everyone has a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving.




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