By: Joe Piette


When Joe Gibbs Racing switched the #18 and #19 pit crews before the Chicagoland race, I said that decision could go two ways, to the positive or negative side.  As it turns out, the #18 pit crew has won the 4th quarter Mechanix Wear award and with their solid performance all year and throughout the Playoffs, they have also been named the 2017 Most Valuable Pit Crew.  This will be a unique situation for JGR because there are 12 pit crew members involved in winning this award due to the crew swap.  I’m guessing JGR will acknowledge all these guys when they are awarded the $100,000 check in Las Vegas next week.  All 12 guys should be proud of this award so in my book, this pit crew swap turned out to be a positve move.

Congrats to the #18 Pit Crew and Joe Gibbs Racing on being named the 4th quarter and the 2017 Most Valuable Pit crew.

A huge thanks to the folks at Mechanix Wear for your continued support to all the crews on pit road.



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