By Joe Piette

One day after hearing that Roush-Fenway was planning on swapping pit crews, I learned today that one of the longest running pit crews on pit road will be taken off their car starting at Chicagoland this weekend. Joe Gibbs Racing is going to swap the #18 and #19 pit crews going into the Playoffs. It is no secret that the JGR pit crews have been ones to beat for the past 9 years and specifically the #18 crew. These guys have been pitting together upwards of ten years. As I have said before, race teams are looking at everything they can do within their organization to give their Playoff teams the best opportunity to win. This is a very big change since this team won the championship in 2015. There have also been some management changes within the JGR Pit Department within the past 2 years, could this be a product of a new way of thinking? Regardless of what the reason is for the change, the pressure on the #19 pit crew to now perform on the #18 car with the very outspoken driver Kyle Busch is HUGE! Since both these pit crews are very competitive, internally at JGR I could see this being motivation to perform or it could turn into a motivational killer. Time will tell.

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