By Joe Piette

Ok folks, we have made it through the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series regular season so now it’s off to Chicagoland Speedway and the start of the playoffs! These last ten races should be very exciting and why not…it’s only the Championship on the line! With the excitement of the playoffs also comes a ton of pressure to succeed and no doubt, pit road will be heavily scrutinized! This leads me to believe that just as I mentioned in my July 19th, 2017 article on this site, we will be seeing some roster changes on pit crews for the last ten races. Hence a rumor floating around that Roush-Fenway Racing may swap their #6 and #17 pit crews, possibly starting at Chicagoland this weekend. Not sure if this will be the case but if so, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Not that the #17 group hasn’t done a very good job this year, hell, they have won two races but when upper management at these race teams starts asking how one of their playoff bound cars can improve, the pit crews are heavily looked at. In my opinion, the #17 crew has been about an average crew but I do feel the #6 crew has been slightly better. Obviously if this swap is made, someone at Roush-Fenway Racing feels the same. I personally went through a complete pit crew swap in 2014 when the #14 pit crew was put on the #4 car for the last ten races. It was a decision that seemed to be the correct one as the #4 went on to win the championship. It is not an easy deal, especially for the guys that are being taken off a car they have won with throughout the season but with the pressure to perform in the racing world today, teams have to do what they feel is best. Hopefully everyone understands this and pulls the rope the same direction even if it means swallowing their pride. Championships are the ultimate goal and teams must do anything they can within their organization to achieve this goal.

Good luck to all the pit crews the last ten races, especially the playoff crews, it will be fun to watch!

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