By: Joe Piette

Not long ago I wrote a brief article to congratulate the #42 pit crew on winning the 1st quarter Mechanix Wear Most Valuable Pit Crew Award. Well, the 2nd quarter has ended and the #48 pit crew of Hendrick Motorsports has come out on top. This group has been solid all year and as of the past couple months, been very consistent. They are PlayOff bound since they have already captured victories at Texas, Bristol and Dover in 2017. Along with the quarterly prize of $5000, they are now eligible for the prestigious end of year MVPC Award. This is the big prize, one that comes with a trip to the end of season NASCAR Awards Banquet in Las Vegas and oh by the way, a $100,000 check! These guys are no strangers to the Awards Banquet as they are the reigning 2016 MVPC Award Champions.

Congrats to the #48 Pit Crew and the entire Coaching staff at Hendrick Motorsports on being named the 2nd Quarter 2017 Mechanix Wear winning pit crew. Here they are along with their positions:

Kevin Novak: Front Tire Changer
RJ Barnette: Front Tire Carrier
Kyle Tudor: Jackman
Calvin Teague: Rear Tire Changer
Ryan Patton: Rear Tire Carrier
Brandon Harder: Gasman

Thank you Mechanix Wear for recognizing these guys and for the support you give all the pit crews on pit road.

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