Four days after a slight “disagreement” during the Brickyard 400 between pit crew members of the #78 car and #18 car crew chief Adam Stevens, Joe Gibbs Racing announced that Chris Taylor and Lee Cunningham were suspended for the next three races. Taylor is the front changer and Cunningham is the rear changer, both are JGR employees, as JGR provides the #78 pit crew. There wasn’t a reason given for their suspensions which is a bit odd. There is a video we have all seen of the disagreement and the audio is pretty clear. Based on this video, which is really all we have to comment on because no one affiliated with JGR will talk about this incident, it all heated up when Cunningham appeared to be clapping and possibly taunting Stevens as he was walking behind the #78 pit stall on his way to the garage. Stevens changed direction and confronted Cunningham next to the pit box. Was Cunningham disrespecting Stevens, a high ranking and well respected crew chief for JGR, it certainly could be taken that way. As they exchanged verbal daggers, Stevens clearly told Cunningham that he wanted to “beat his ass”. This is when Taylor stepped in and got in between the two. A slight shove from Taylor to Stevens ensued and Taylor made it very clear he didn’t want Stevens in his box (pit stall area) and that he should leave immediately. Stevens then used words like Pal, Cowboy and Tough Guy. Taylor continued to tell Stevens to get out of his box. Stevens was pulled away by another 18 crewmember and that seems to be the end of it.

If this is the complete incident, Adam Stevens certainly engaged himself into a potentially very ugly situation. He choose to confront Cunningham and escalate the situation when he could have kept walking and addressed Cunningham’s actions at the shop. This is the confusing part, why did JGR suspend two pit crew members but have not said a word about Stevens’ actions? Take a look below at our poll and give your opinion on what the consequences should have been.

If you were in charge of JGR, what would you have done?

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