By: Joe Piette

The NASCAR Xfinity race today at Indianapolis was rough on crew members, especially for one particular jackman. Meet Kyle Tudor. Tudor is one of the guys that does double-duty meaning he pits an Xfinity car, the #7 of Justin Allgaier and also pits the #48 cup car for Jimmie Johnson. A lot of crew guys do both series mainly for two reasons. 1) Since he is a cup guy, he is capable of giving an Xfinity car great pit stops which the Xfinity team wants. 2) The Xfinity race is a great warm up for the cup race the next day. A great warm up unless someone gets hurt!
During the first pit stop sequence today at Indy, all the lead lap cars pitted under yellow. Tudor jumped off the wall when his car was one stall away but the car didn’t get turned into the stall the way it should have. Tudor knew he was going to be hit so he instinctively jumped up but the car’s nose caught his feet sending him and his jack for a wild flip in which he landed on his head about 15’ out on pit road! He got up, grabbed his jack and completed the stop. Now Indy has the longest pit stalls of any track we go to, 46’ long so how could this happen? Well Indy also has the narrowest pit stalls of any track we go to, just 14’ wide. By the rules, the Right Front tire cannot be on or outside the outer line of the pit box so with only 14’ of space, it’s not easy for the drivers to dive into the pit stalls like they do at other tracks. After the stop, Tudor was examined by medical personnel and was given the ok to continue the rest of the race. He should be good to go tomorrow for the cup race as well but no doubt he will be sore!
Taking hits is nothing new to Tudor because before his pit crew career, he was an inside linebacker for the East Carolina Pirates. After today’s race, he is one of the few Pirate players that can say he’s been hit by a 3300lb stock car! We are all really glad he is ok!

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