By Joe Piette

As the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup pit crews prepare for a huge race this weekend at Indianapolis, there could be changes coming to the RCR pit crews. With just seven races to go before the Playoffs start, RCR could be the first organization to start testing the waters with crew members all in an effort to give their two Playoff bound teams, the #3 and #31, the best pit stops possible. This is nothing new to RCR, they have a history of “swapping pit crews” from team to team within their organization. Currently their crews service the #3, #27, #31 and also supply a cup pit crew for the #13 Germain Racing team for driver Ty Dillon. The #3 pit crew has been the best at RCR, arguably a top 5 crew this entire season. Not sure there is any reason to upset the apple cart with this group. This leaves the #13, #27 and the #31 crews, all of which have some very talented crew members. Unlike a historical RCR total pit crew swap, I could see moving a few crew members around between these three teams.

Why would this happen, there could be numerous reasons. The obvious goal would be to improve the #31. Now don’t get me wrong, they don’t suck! When you have four teams worth of pit crew guys to choose from, why not try and find a little speed for the #31 team. Sometimes moving guys around and giving them a fresh look is a positive motivator and can equal speed. This sport is all about people (always has been) so if you can put a group together that get along well and enjoy working together, results can be positive.

No matter what is driving any changes that may take place at RCR, rest assured they will not be the only organization to mix things up before the Playoffs start at the September Chicago race.

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