By: Joe Piette

Every year the fine folks at Mechanix Wear hand out a quarterly Pit Crew Award. It recognizes the best pit crew per quarter and is voted on by Crew Chiefs. How each Crew Chief decides which crew to vote for is unknown but they see these over the wall guys week in and week out. Trust me…they know which crews are hot and which are not! The quarterly award is nice because it comes with a $5000 check but the big picture is that it gives the winning crew a one in four chance to become the Mechanix Wear MVPC (Most Valuable Pit Crew) at seasons end. Once a crew wins a quarter award, they are not eligible to win another quarter that year which ensures there will be four crews that will be voted on again by the Crew Chiefs at the 2nd to last race of the season for the MVPC Award. The MVPC winner will receive a check for $100,000 and a trip to the NASCAR Awards Banquet where they receive the unique MVPC trophy and also the “BIG CHECK”. This all takes place at the famed Myers Brothers Luncheon where many NASCAR stars are honored.
As a guy that was fortunate enough to work with pit crews that won the MVPC award in 2014 and 2015, I would like to say a huge CONGRATS to the #42 Pit Crew and the entire Coaching staff at Chip Ganassi Racing on being the 1st Quarter 2017 Mechanix Wear winning pit crew. Here they are along with their positions:

Steve Price: Front Tire Changer
Aaron Shields: Front Tire Carrier
Shane Wilson: Jackman
Mike Roberts: Rear Tire Changer
PJ Briody: Rear Tire Carrier
Mike Metcalf: Gasman

Nice work guys and Thank You Mechanix Wear for recognizing these guys and for the support you give all the pit crews on pit road.

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