Saturday nights race in Kansas was a battle all night long on the track…..and in the pits. With the #21 landing on the pole, naturally they selected pit stall 1. The #78 had a good qualifying run and picked stall #2. The #21 and #78 ran together all night long and the #78 got the best of it at the end, but watching these two teams pit in back to back stalls was fun.

In old school crew chief thinking, generally you take a pit stall with an open in or out until they are all gone. This gives your driver a chance to always have the car strait in the box and it gives your team a chance to get out of pit road with little to no trouble. Over the past few years, the strategies have changed. More teams are picking stalls for various reasons and its giving the opportunity for fans to see good battles in the pits. Multiple times this year we have seen teams running tight on the track and pitting right next to each other in the pits. No longer are teams looking for just an opening in pit road but a way to get any advantage they can with timing lines or simply playing mind games with other teams. Saturday in Kansas played out that way and the #21 and #78 put on a show in stalls #1 and #2. It was great to watch. Congratulations to the #78 team on the win and hopefully Saturday night’s All Star race will provide some fun action on pit road just like Kansas did.

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