Sunday in Texas Jackman Zack Young was hit on pit road. This is not something new, nor is it something that most pit crew guys would complain about. Why? because they do their job and they understand the risks that come with it. As a past crewmen and a guy who pitted for many years, I too understood the dangers of pitting and what could happen during any pit stop. After the race a simple question was asked, “Should drivers be penalized for hitting crewmen like crewmen are penalized for missing nuts?”

Its a fair question, missing nuts puts drivers in danger and many drivers made it very clear last year that it should be addressed in order to keep driver safe from a pit crew induced mistake! So here lies the problem, pit crew guys are held liable for the safety of a driver after a pit stop but there is nothing holding a driver liable on pit road when he takes out a pit crew member. You can’t have one without the other. Think about it, neither crewmen nor driver tries to hurt anyone on purpose but things happen. Only difference is, one group “pit crew members”, are held to a higher standard to make sure nuts are tight on a car so driver don’t get hurt. Yet drivers can plow through a pit stall taking out a crewmen and their is no penalty what so ever. Sounds a little bit one sided.

RCR pit coach Ray Wright after Texas on Twitter:
“There should be a penalty given to drivers when contact is made on Pit Road. We can’t wait til someone gets killed. Got lucky today.” #nascar

A fan Dylan whitlock‏ @dylan27w replied to his comment with this:
“Every other series has penalties for it. No excuse for NASCAR not to”

So to sum this up I would say this, neither driver nor crewmen would do anything on purpose to put another competitor in danger of getting hurt. Accidents happen and that’s part of our sport. My issue is that if you’re going to penalize a crewmen for potentially putting a driver in danger, then you should penalize a driver for actually hitting a crewmen. If you don’t want to penalize the drivers then let the crewmen do their job hitting nuts and if a nut or two go missing, so be it!

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