We are five races into the 2017 season and half way through the first quarter….so it’s time to see who’s hot on pit road.

Let’s start with the obvious #1 and that’s the #4 crew of Kevin Harvick and SHR. These guys have been on fire the last five races and they haven’t let up. They have been a top 3 crew each of the five weeks and look to be untouchable at the moment.

The #2 spot would have to go to the #3 of Austin Dillon and RCR. They might not have the finishes they want but its not due to the pit crew. So far these guys have been solid all year and look to continue for the foreseeable future.

The #3 team on our list is the #42 of Kyle Larson. This crew might not be the fastest on pit road on pure time but the last few weeks they have been there when it counted. They won at Cali this past week and kept their driver up front all day and the week before had a shot to win after coming off pit road first in the last round of pit stops. This is a totally new group from last year and they are only going to get better.

Our #4 goes to the #78 of Martin Truex and Furniture Row Racing. This group has been pitting up front all year and held their own. They are tied with most segment wins with 3 and that shows they can compete with the best teams out there. Running up front is one thing but staying there is another. So far this group has done both.

Our #5 spot goes to #18 of Kyle Busch and JGR. There were a couple teams up for this spot but the #18 has shown over the last few weeks the consistency needed to be ranked. Its only a matter of time until Kyle Busch wins this year and when he does you can count on this group having something to do with it.

Well…that’s about it for now. There’s always someone that gets left out on the list but there’s many more rankings to come. Good luck to everyone on pit road this weekend and stay safe.

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