As I have said many times, pit road and pit stops can provide some very exciting moments during any race. This held true again in the Phoenix Cup race during the lap 258 pit stop sequence.

After getting 4 tires, the 78 car was attempting to leave his pit stall, in doing so he had to turn a hard right to avoid the 95 car which was pitted directly in front. As the 78 tried to exit his stall, his left front tire ran over the rear pit hose of the 95 car. This occasionally happens and it usually results in no harm no foul but this time, the hose got hooked on the car’s side skirt. As the 78 car rolled forward, the hose got very very tight! Dwayne Ogles, the rear tire changer on the 95, finished his job on the left rear tire and did his best to not let the pit gun be ripped out of his hands. As the hose stretched, Ogles held on and with the help of the 78 crew members, the hose was dislodged and the 78 car pulled away…HOSE LESS! With one end of the pit hose being connected to the pit gun and the other end to a Nitrogen bottle with 2000lbs of pressure, it was great work by all involved to dislodge the hose from the car.

Other than a few anxious moments and a pit hose that is probably 3 feet longer than it was before the race, everything worked out just fine.

Joe Piette

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