It was nice to see that there were no fines or penalties from the pit road scuffle that occurred between Kyle Busch, Joey Logano and misc crew members immediately after the Vegas cup race. Yes, the drivers were 100% responsible for starting the fracas, but it didn’t take long for crew members from the 22 and 18 teams to get involved. The cool part is that even though there were 8 or 9 crew members involved, not one of them threw a punch. They did what any good teammate would do…they helped control a situation that was getting out of control. I don’t know anyone that would stand around and let a very upset driver throw a surprise sucker punch at my driver and just stand there and watch. These crew guys have to work next to each other week in and week out. Sure there are things that happen between crew guys but it usually gets handled without incident.
Kudos to the crew members from the 22 and the 18 teams that were involved…but didn’t get too involved and ultimately helped calm a potential ugly situation!

Joe Piette

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