We usually do this article in the pre season but since Daytona is more of a pit strategy race than pit stop race, we decided to run this now…..for Atlanta week. Pit crews will be on full display this coming week in Atlanta and we are going to preview some of the crews we think will be interesting to watch. Take a look below and enjoy.

1…The #20 crew of Matt Kenseth. This team had a major overhaul during the off season and Atlanta might be their first real test. They brought in four new crewman this year, leaving only Front Carrier Joe Crossen and Gasman John Eichar on the crew from last year. New additions are Front Changer Houston Samper, Jackman Graham Mulatch, Rear Changer Steven Tautges, and Rear Carrier Eric Groen.

2…The #6 crew of Trevor Bayne. Both the #6 and #17 went through multiple changes this off season but we’re highlighting the #6. Staying on the team from last year is Front Changer Kale Uphoff and Gasman Josh Pech. New additions are Front Carrier Ryan McCray, Jackman Mike Brown, Rear Changer Chris Schuman, and Rear Carrier Justin Edgell. Most of these guys are not new to RFR but new to the #6. It seems they did some switching around with talent and tried out a few new combinations of guys to see what will work best between the #6 and #17. Guess now is the time to see!

3…The #77 of Eric Jones. Jones is a huge talent and expecting a win this year might be an understatement. Expectation are high for this driver and with that comes high expectation for his pit crew. His team was made up of veteran talent. His crew consists of Front Changer David Mayo, Front Carrier Richard Coleman, Jackman David Odell, Rear Changer Brian Eastland, Rear Carrier Blake Haugland, and Gasman Matt Tyrrell. All these crewman have tons of talent, wins, and experience. Should be a good show.

4…The #42 of Kyle Larson. By the end of the 2016 season this crew was one of the top teams around. Then the off season happened. The #42 had a change in plans and the new pit crew has four new crewman. The only two remaining crewman from last year are Front Changer Steven Price and Front Carrier Aaron Schields. These two guys anchored the fronts from last year and will be the staple on the team this year. New additions are Jackman Shane Wilson, Rear Changer Mike Roberts, Rear Carrier PJ Briody, and Gasman Mike Metcalf. Just like RFR, a few of these guys were Gannasi Racing crewman last year but were switched over from the #1. No reason this team can’t be as good as last years!

5…The #24 of Chase Elliot. Last year was Elliot’s rookie season, and now its time to win. The pit crew itself was better than not but there’s still room to improve. It’s never easy pitting for a rookie but this crew did well and expects to be better. They had one change in the off season and it came at the Front Carrier position. Jared Seate will take over for long time carrier Dion Williams.

Change is never easy but sometimes its necessary. Good luck to all these crews and we look forward to following their progress.

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