Over coming adversity and figuring out a way to make things happen is what NASCAR is all about. For the #88 crew this has come earlier than later. Following the Clash Sunday afternoon in Daytona, rear tire changer Devin DelRicco had his ankle run over by a pit road utility cart. The details are a little sketchy at the moment but sources that were around the accident said the cart got DelRicco’s ankle and that he was having trouble putting any weight on it.

By now everyone knows that Jr. is on the outside pole for the 500. Having a healthy pit crew is a must in order to compete. The #88 is a very talented group of crewman and it would be a shame to have a backup in at the biggest race of the year. On the flip side, the HMS teams are very well coached and they are prepared for situations like this. If a back up is needed, they’ll be ready. As we hear more on DelRicco’s condition we will keep you updated.

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