In the next week or so we will be putting out the updated pit crew rosters for the 2017 season. In years past, there have always been changes, but not nearly as many as we are seeing this year. Very few crews are staying the same from last year and that could cause problems early on in the season. So why are so many teams changing? We don’t know for sure but we can share some ideas!

1…There are fewer teams out there and more crewmen to pick from. In other words, there’s more talent to pull from so teams are taking a look at what best fits their situation and making more moves than they normally would.

2…Money talks. Crewmen make good money and it keeps getting bigger. The incentive for crewmen to move around is more than it used to be. Luring guys away from their current team is starting to become a trend.

3….Pressure, there is pressure for the guys to perform at an almost perfect level. When things turn south, personnel starts to change. The days of seeing one guy on a team for more than 5 or so years could be coming to and end.

……And last but not least, there have been some really talented crewmen retire after last year and decide to move on from pit road. We showcased some of them in an article last week but there are far more that called it quits than in years past.

These are just a few ideas of why we might be seeing so many changes. No one really knows but it will be interesting to see how things shake out in 17′. Good luck to all the crews this year.

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