Ending a career is never easy and especially when your an athlete. At the end of Homestead this weekend, tire changer Jason Pulver will retire. Almost everyone on pit road is familiar with Pulver and he’s probably one of the most liked and respected crewmen out there. He’s been on pit road nearly 20 years and spent the last 16 with RCR.

Throughout his career, Jason has won plenty of races and been part of many great teams. Spending 16 years as a tire changer at one place is an accomplishment, but pitting for more than 6 months on one of Kevin Harvick’s crew is even more impressive! Jason did both.

We caught up with pit coach Ray Wright of RCR to talk about Jason.

“For the 10 years that I’ve been at RCR I’ve learned so much from Jason Pulver. Not only from a pit road standpoint but also a personal standpoint. He’s helped me to keep life in perspective as well as show me how a successful tire changer carries on a long career. His work ethic and his character have reflected positively on everybody and we are going to miss him geratly.”

We would like to wish Jason a farewell to pit road and good luck in your future endeavors.

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