The final four teams heading into this weekends finals are the #48, #19, #22, and #18. Each team has earned their way to the finals but winning a championship is a different story. Every lap, pit stop, caution, and call could make or break a season. So with so much on the line, its time you meet the men who will be pitting for a championship.

#48 of Jimmie Johnson
Front Changer: Kevin Novak
Front Carrier: R.J. Barnette
Jackman: Kyle Tudor
Rear Changer: Calvin Teague
Rear Carrier: Ryan Patton
Gasman: Brandon Harder

The story on the #48 goes like this: They have a good pit crew, but its not been easy. They’ve endured two changes this year and both have been at major positions. Front Tire Changer Cam Waugh left the team midway in the season and was replaced by longtime RFR changer Kevin Novak. Novak has stepped up and done a great job. Jackman Andrew Childers was replaced by up and comer Kyle Tudor. Just like Novak, Tudor has come in and done a great job. This crew mimics their driver and team, just fly under the radar and before anyone knows it they’ve put themselves in a position to win another championship.

#19 of Carl Edwards
Front Changer: Clay Robinson
Front Carrier: Kevin Harris
Jackman: Trey Bruklin
Rear Changer: Kip Wolfmier
Rear Carrier: Matt Ver Meer
Gasman: Keneth Purcell

The story on the #19 goes like this: Tons of experience in winning and winning big races. Clay Robinson and Keneth Purcell both have multiple championships from their days back at HMS and pressure for this teams should not be a problem. For the last year and half they have been a top 2 team on pit road and that should make #19 fans feel good. If it comes down to a pit stop in Homestead this could be the crew to beat!

#22 of Joey Logano
Front Changer: Thomas Hatcher
Front Carrier: Dylan Dowell
Jackman: Ray Gallahan
Rear Changer: Zach Price
Rear Carrier: Josh Chaney
Gasman: Kellen Mills

The story on the #22 goes like this: This crew has won as many races over the last three years as anyone. They have tons of leadership and experience and that will play a factor come Homestead. They went through a mid season change at the rear carrier position and the group has picked up where they left off. They’ve won 2 of the last 4 races and they’ll be tough come Sunday.

#18 of Kyle Busch
Front Changer: Josh Lesley
Front Carrier: Brad Donaghy
Jackman: T.J. Ford
Rear Changer: Jake Seminara
Rear Carrier: Kenny Barber
Gasman: Tom Lampe

The story on the #18 goes like this: These are your returning champs. They’ve been there done that and getting back to Homestead gives them a slight advantage over the other crews. Their crew has stayed the same all year and over the last 12 weeks they’ve been on fire. Their pit stops have been great and speed is not a problem for this group. When they need to go low…they can.

In summing up this final four I would say this: NASCAR has its best four drivers heading to Homestead and the pit crews are right there with them. The #19, #48, and #22 all won quarter awards for best pit crew by the good people of Mechanix Wear and now we see them all battling it out for a chance to win a championship. Good luck to the remaining four teams in Homestead and Sunday night should be fun.

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