I got to admit, I didn’t see this coming. Sunday’s rain delayed race at Charlotte produced a record number of “over the wall to early” penalties and I’m not really sure why. You can usually count on 1 or maybe 2 at the most per race….but 7 in one race is a lot.

Why so many? We have a couple of guesses: First off, it was a rain delayed race and the start time was different than usual. Believe it or not, athletes are creatures of habit and value their routine. Breaking routine Sunday in a number of ways could have attributed in a small way. Another idea is the fact that Charlotte is the home track for most of these crewman. There were a lot of wive’s, girl friends, kids and family at the track. Staying focused is much harder at the home track then when the guys are away. Another more scientific answer could be the fact that Charlotte has some of the smaller pit stalls for mile and half tracks. With that being said, cars get to you quicker and the guys know this. Timing the jump as close as you can is important. Last but not least is the idea that it was just a bad day. Sounds funny but it could be that all the stars lined up and it just happened. It is odd at how many good teams were busted. Out of the seven teams with penalties, three of them are Chase contending teams (2, 18, and 20).

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