Chemistry and teammates cannot be over-looked when it comes to performance. Pit crew guys are not car parts and cannot be replaced by a seemingly better part and expect immediate results. Not saying change can’t be good, but building chemistry can be better. We took a look at all 12 pit crews left in the Chase and found out which ones have made changes to their crews over the year and who’s been the same.

Interesting Stat: Out of the 12 remaining Chase pit crews, only 5 (41%) have stayed together all year…..But, out of those 5 teams, they have accounted for 14 (54%) of the the 26 total wins by Chase remaining drivers. Take a look below at the remaining pit crews and the changes that were made.

#2–No Changes
#3–Switched teams with the #27 at the beginning of the Chase
#4–Changed Front Changer/ Carrier/ and Jackman
#11–No Changes
#18–No Changes
#19–No Changes
#20–Changed Jackman/ Front Changer
#22–Changed Rear Carrier
#24–Switched front and rear carrier middle of the season
#41–No Changes
#48–Changed Front Changer/ Jackman
#78–Changed Front Changer

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