When you have a sport like NASCAR where safety is paramount, calling a penalty on the #48 pit crew was the wrong call. Let me explain: See, the one box jump rule is there because NASCAR doesn’t want pit crew members out on pit road any longer than they have too. The longer you’re out there, the greater the chances of getting hurt will be. In the situation with the #48 crew Sunday at Dover, the Jackman was simply timing his jump when his driver had to check up because of the #43 and that caused him to land early and a penalty was enforced. Not to mention the penalty was within inches of not being one. (VIDEO of the PENALTY)

481So my point is this: I would like to think that someone in the officiating box could look at that stop and say, “No advantage was gained, everyone is safe, and because it was nearly inches away from being a legal stop we can let it slide because of the circumstance.” Without the check up by JJ there would be no penalty. Tracks like Martinsville, Richmond, and Phoenix where you pit in the corners makes the one box jump rule a safety issue. Tony Stewart thinks 4 nuts is unsafe….try jumping out in front a car running 40 MPH’s when you can’t see it. That’s an issue at short tracks and the jump rule should be adjusted.

I strongly believe in situations like Sunday, you have to have the ability to make a judgement call if the circumstances put the pit crews at a disadvantage.

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