This years Chase grid is loaded with talented pit crews. Take a look below to see how we rank the top 16 heading into the Chase

#11–Denny Hamlin has not had the best pit crew all year, but they’ve been the best lately. We see them as the #1 crew heading into the Chase
#19–On a yearly ranking, this crew would be #1. As of late they seem to be loosing some traction to their teammate and that lands them in the 2 spot
#41–This team seems to be on a little bit of a heater lately and with a great Richmond race on pit road we moved them from a top 5 team to a top 3 team.
#2–Last year at this time a change was made to this crew and now they start the Chase with the same crew as a year ago. Solid team and good speed
#18–This crew has continually gotten better each week and has moved up from a top 10 team to a top 5
#22–This has been a top 3 crew most of the year but has struggled a bit the last two weeks. Don’t sleep on this team, but they start the Chase as a 6th place crew
#1–This crew is secretly very very good. They have not won a race this year but that shouldn’t keep them from being recognized as a top team.
#42–This crew made some changes in the off season and they have paid off. By far the surprise crew of the year so far.
#20–Injuries have hurt this crew all year. They have lost both their front changer and jackman to injuries and finding some chemistry has been tough.
#78–Struggled a little earlier in the year but have been better as of late. Time to keep it up!
#48–A month ago this team lost their front tire changer and finding speed and chimestry is not easy. They’re fast but not as fast as they were.
#24–This team steps up when they need to. Two weeks ago they put their driver in a position to win and if HMS gets running up front again they will not be the week spot
#3–Don’t get to see this crew very much but we do know they’ve had to replace the front carrier a few weeks back and that can’t be helping. Need to find consistency.
#4–This is a top 10 pit crew but everyone that follows racing understands what this crew is going thru….enough said
#14–I think this team is as good as the driver right now! Can step up when needed but average on a race to race basis
#34–Unfortunately this crew has gotten no love this year. Its not their fault at all but in order to get noticed you have to run up front. Now’s there chance.

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