As a pro pit crew advocate and someone who understands the ups and downs of pit road, it dissapoints me to hear a driver rip his pit crew like Kevin Harvick did after Darlington. We have written many articles about KH and his temperament towards his pit crews and its the same old thing. Understandably, he was upset at giving away a Southern 500 win and taking the dominant car out of contention. Everyone in the stands, his team, and pit road saw it. It was no secret, pit road killed his race. So the discussion at SHR now has to be how to fix it. If you ask KH, he would fire all of them and start over….but its not that easy. At this point in the season you have what you have. The #4 car has already been through two changes this year, front changer and jackman. The team still struggles to find consistency. Another issue on the #4 car seems to be equipment. Unless you work on the pit crew of the #4 or the athletic department at SHR, we don’t really know how much or what is failing. I think the one person who might understand how to rally the troops and make the best of what they have is their crew chief Rodney Childers.

“So, we did all that stuff right and we just had a part failure inside one of our pit guns, very unusual thing — it wasn’t the changer’s fault … But definitely some things that we’ve got to clean up before (the Chase opener at) Chicago and honestly, that department’s got to do a lot better job.”

“The guys have to forget about that one and move on. They did a good job of that at Bristol and came back tonight with like a 10.8 (seconds) or something like that after our first bad stop. They were doing a good job until that gun broke.”

Childers seems to understand that the best way to get through this is to stand behind your team. Everyone has a right to be frustrated and mad, but the way you handle it as a leader depicts what kind of leader you really are.

A great quote about sports is “Sports do not build character….they reveal it.” There was a lot of character revealed Sunday night.

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