A few days ago NASCAR announced the introduction of the “Caution Clock” for the NCWTS. In short, roughly every 20 minutes there will be a caution. (For full story on the Caution Clock click here) With that announcement came the importance of a really good pit crew. In the past, the truck series would feature a variety of pit crew members. Crewmen from all levels could moonlight in the truck series for extra money. It was also a place for bigger teams to place their developmental crewmen and let them learn at a lower level before entering the Xfinity or Cup Series. Now, that could all change.

Pit stops have always been important but teams could overcome a few bad stops during a truck race. With the new rule, an emphasis on strategy and clutch pit stops have gone to the forefront. So what are Truck teams supposed to do? You either spend the money on talent or you watch the talent pass you in the pits. There will be more races won in the pits than ever before. The rules are set up to see that happen. Its not a bad thing, it’s just more action for the teams and the fans. So the next question becomes, where do all the up and coming crewmen get their reps at? I guess only time will tell but expect to see the talent level go up during a NCWTS events this year.

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