Veteran Jackman Nate Bolling of JGR made his return to pit road last night and made it in star fashion. Nate was Jacking the #20 of Eric Jones, with the rest of his #11 Cup teammates, and in his first return back to the track since injury he finds himself in victory lane.

Last October during the Charlotte race Nate suffered a torn tricep during a pit stop. Recovery was going well until he re-tore it again in the off season. Nate is one of pit roads best Jackman and no one really knew when his return was coming. These type injuries, especially twice, can take a while to fully recover. After watching last nights race and seeing the big fella back in action, I would say its safe to say he’s back.

Congrats to Nate on a well deserved comeback and we look forward to seeing your progress!

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  1. mom

    THAT’S MY BOY!!! :)

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