Date archive: November 2014

Tire Carrier Troy Prince is retire-ring after 15 years on pit road

Troy Prince is a veteran tire carrier and has earned respect on pit road. This year marked his 15 year as a crewman and he has decided it’s time to hang it ...

Who’s pitting the 4th JGR car for 2014, our thought on who it might be

You never know what a team or pit crew will do with a few months to think, but we have an idea of who might be pitting the 4th JGR car for ...

Mechanix Wear names most valuable pit crew

Every year the good people at Mechanix Wear names a pit crew of the year. This year the #4 team of SHR won the award. We have been asked to explain how ...

2014 All Pit Road Teams

During the last 4 weeks of the NASCAR season, ballots were issued to both crewman and coaches. After a great response we are please to announce the third All Pit Road ...

Breakdown of the final four pit crews and what to expect

Heading into the last race at Homestead only four teams remain. Out of those four teams you have four very good pit crews. At some point during the race a pit stop ...

What a crew member can do with 25K!

25K is a ton a money for a crew guy to be fined, but it happened. So we thought we would dig a little deeper into the situation to find out how ...

Why pit crew members have way more to lose in a fight than drivers

For the last few years, fights at a NASCAR race have been drivers getting out of their cars and pushing each other until mobs of people show up and the scrum is ...

Mark “Hollywood” Armstrong suffers injury in Saturdays race at Texas

For the second time this year, the legendary Mark “Hollywood” Armstrong suffered an injury during a pit stop. As reported earlier in June, Mark suffered a torn meniscus during pit practice and ...

The #27 pit crew might have been the shining light in Sundays fiasco!

Out of all the bad that was going on Sunday night in Texas, the one good thing was the #27 pit crew tried to stay neutral and actually help the situation. During ...

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