During the championship week in Las Vegas the #88 of HMS was awarded the pit crew of the year award. All year long the #88 has been a strong team and whats more impressive was they did it with 3 rear tire changers. As the season went on they lost their starter, Joe Slingerland to a wrist injury and then David Mayo to a knee injury. In steps the 3rd string changer Steven Tautges and the team continued on with consistent stops The other members of the team are as follows.

Front Changer: Clay Robinson
Front Carrier: Kevin Harris
Jack Man: Nick Covey
Rear Changer: Joe Slingerland, David Mayo, Steven Tautges
Rear Carrier: Matt Ver Meer
Gas Man: Caleb Hurd

Luckily we were able to catch up with Gas Man Caleb Hurd and Tire Changer Clay Robinson, here is what they had to say

Caleb “With the competition at an all time high on pit road, its a real honor to be selected as the best of 2013”

Clay “To win the Mechanix wear MVPC award just caps off an amazing season for the #88 team, but to have a 12.4 average for the year with 2 back up changers thrown in shows the true depth of HMS has in its pit department.”

Below are some pictures from Vegas of the best team of 2013






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