Date archive: October 2013

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Where is Nascar’s PIONEER pit crew member….not on pit road?

The hype at the beginning of the year for Tire Changer in training, Christmas Abbott, made her the most talked about pit crew member of all time. Media couldn’t get enough of ...

At some point it’s going to bite Kevin Harvick for pitting in another teams stall

One of these days Kevin Harvick is going to stop in the wrong pit box and get rewarded for it. This is the second time this year that KH has been in ...

MWR news will effect pit crew rosters for sure

The news that came out early this week about MWR puts a lot of employees in a bad situation. Along with all the employees effected by the downsize, there are crewmen that ...

2 car
Jack around the track….explained!

Saturday night Brad Keselowski won but it wasn’t without an early pit incident which made way for some funny TV. Everyone get’s a chuckle out of seeing a jack stuck under a ...

Kyle Busch’s pit penalty at Charlotte wasn’t because of the pit crew

When the announcers of the race said that there was a mis-communication on the pit stop of the #18 car they were correct, but it wasn’t because of the pit crew. Saturday ...

#29 pit crew continues to impress despite the distractions

Every week pit crew members are asked to never lose a spot on pit road and gain spots when possible. That’s a lot easier said than done. It takes a lot of ...

Front tire carrier for Joey Logano get’s hit during stop at Kansas

Kansas was a race that had plenty of pit road drama on Sunday afternoon. Teams were on all kinds of strategies trying to set themselves up for 2 tires and gas on ...

The worst 5 drivers to pit for and why?

Like we said in the first addition of the top 5, a driver has the biggest influence on a team. Influences can be positive or negative and these 5 drivers seem to ...

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