Now this is an article worth looking at. We asked some Crewmen if they were introduced like a driver at Bristol what song they would come out to and this is what we came up with. Below are some Crewmen that shared their song choice. Enjoy

Chris Taylor—Front Changer—Westward Bound by Ha Ha Tonka

Brad Pippa—Jack Man—Return of the Mack

Cameron Waugh—Front Changer—Long Tall Sally by Little Richard

Colin Fambrough—Rear Changer—Kickstart my Heart by Motley Crue

Caleb Hurd—Gas Man—The Joker by Steve Miller Band

Steve Price—Rear Changer—Fell Like Makin Love by Bad Company

Mike Oxendine—Front Carrier—Simple Man by Shine Down

John Royer—Front Changer—Everyday is exactly the same by nine inch nails

Shaun Peet—Jack Man—The Canadian National Anthem

Terry Spalding—Front Changer—Carry on by Manowar

Nick Odell—Front Changer—I will not bow by Breaking Benjamins

Jon Moore—Rear Carrier—Its Raining Men by YMCA

Eric Bileu—Front Carrier—Son of Detroit by Kid Rock

Trey Burklin—Jack Man—Take Me to the River by Al Green

Richard “Pudding” Coleman—Front Carrier—Jump Right in by Zac Brown Band

Dewayne Ogles—Rear Changer—Fall into sleep by Mudvayne

Dion Williams—Front Carrier—I’m in the pits by Kenyatta Houston

Joe Slingerland—Rear Changer—Fuel by Metallica

Jason Pulver—Front Changer—Stroker Ace by Charlie Daniels

Ray Wright—Rear Carrier—Barroom Hero by Dropkick Murphys

Kenyatta Houston—Rear Changer—Pretty by Kenyatta Houston

Mike Lingerfelt—Front Changer—Country Boy by Aaron Lewis

Trent Cherry–Rear Carrier–Thriller by Michael Jackson

Justin “Pee wee” Edgell—Rear Carrier—Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Mark Armstrong—Front Changer—I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair by George Jones

“Big” Ed Watkins—Gas Man—Killing in the name of by Rage Against the Machine

Corey Baldwin—Front Changer—Your Insane by Escape the Faith

Kellen Mills—Gas Man—F*** in the Bushes by Oasis

Mark Kinerly—Rear Carrier—No Leaf Clover by Metallica

Larry Robinett—Rear Carrier—U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer

Nick Krizmanich—Front Changer—Bring the Noise by Benny Bennassi

Sean “Puffy” Meckleson—Jack Man—Move B**** by Ludacris

Tyler Mitchell–Rear Carrier–Enter Sandman by Metallica

Johnny Roberts–Front Changer–Forever Young by Jay Z

Austin Craven–Front Carrier–Started from the bottom by Drake

Mike Hicks–Rear Changer–Myrtle Beach by Sunny Ledford

Ryan McCray–Rear Carrier–Devour by Shine Down

Andrew Carter–Pit Coach–Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Chuck White–Gas Man–Gonna Get Drunk and Be Somebody by Toby Keith

Chris Williams–Gas Man–Are You Ready for Some Country by Waylon Jennings

Kyle Power–Rear Changer–Big Poppa by Notorious B.I.G. (submitted by his wife)

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