The trip to Cali is probably on the list of favorites for drivers and families that get to go. The places around the track are nice and San Fran is only an hour away. There’s a lot to do and outside of racing you get to visit places that you might not if you weren’t in racing. On the other hand, teams fly pit crews across the country the day before the race for 2 pit stops. Now, were not complaining about that because Napa Valley is a pretty cool place, but its still a lot of travel and time change for 2 stops.

Let us explain, on a road course teams will back the race up from the last lap and make the calls depending on gas. So basically, at a road course you’re only looking at 2 pit stops if you can make it based on your strategy. Tire wear isn’t big so gas is the thing most teams worry about. Passing on a road course is tough as well. Team can’t make up the difference in new tires if everyone stays out.

There are the situations where a team could pit more than two times and win the race if everything works out right. If there is a big wreck or teams aren’t getting the fuel mileage they thought they were going to get. A few different strategies can come into play and still make the race interesting. With that, if you only have 2 or 3 stops to make a difference than they better be good. Team can’t afford to lose spots on pit road because you only have a few chances to make it up. Either way this Sunday should be fun to watch.

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