Date archive: March 2013

The Pit Competition is Back!

In a strange turn of events, the pit competition is coming back. As of a month ago, Sprint had backed out as the primary sponsor and the competition was on hold. We ...

Taking care of the guys that take care of the cars–Angela Sneed (AATS)

With the training and development of over the wall athletes getting bigger and bigger every year, there is greater need for athletic trainers. Most all teams have a pit coach and some ...

Round 2—Stewart vs. Lagono–A pit crews responsibility?

Last week we commented on why pit crew guys aren’t usually the ones in the post-race scuffles and then this week there were plenty of crew guys in the post-race scuffle. So ...

Problems pit crews could face at California

Everyone understands that the bigger the pit box the easier it should be to pit. With California on the schedule for this week it should be a good week for crews to ...

Pit crews aren’t usually the ones involved in post race altercation

After yesterday’s post-race incident between Joey Lagono and Denny Hamlin it’s a good time to clear up why pit crew members aren’t usually the ones involved. Let’s start by defining the two ...

The 5 safest tracks to pit at and why!

Every week there is a certain element of danger while pitting a race car. Everyone on pit road knows that and excepts it. There are some tracks that offer a little safer ...

Shout-out to the Gas Men on pit road

We collected some picture off the internet and wanted to share with everyone some old and new shots of Nascar Gas Men. Its more like a tribute to their position and we ...

Understanding pit road is important especially at Bristol

Two years ago Brad Keselowski and team, showed the importance of understanding timing lines. For those of you that do not understand what timing lines are then we’ll do our best to ...

Collection of Nascar Harlem Shake Videos

Hendrick Motorsports #24 Team Michael Waltrip Racing #15 Team Hendrick Motorsports #48 Team Talladega Super Speedway Edition Bristol Motor Speedway Edition MRN Edition Take a second and Vote in our poll for ...

Top 5 drivers to pit for and why?

Drivers are by far the most important aspect of a race team. Without a good one, your team could be in trouble. Even with the best TEAM in the world, the amount ...

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