Date archive: February 2013

phoenix feature
Why pit crew members like pitting at PIR

Each week hundreds of racers travel around the country to various tracks and put on a show called Nascar. This week the show is in Phoenix, AZ at the Phoenix International Raceway. ...

Gary Smith talks Front Row Racing and the challenges it faces on pit road.

For the last seven years Coach Gary Smith has been coaching at JTG Racing. At the start of this year Smith will be the Coach at Front Row Motorsports. We were fortunate ...

Why pit stops actually mattered at Daytona

For years Daytona has been a track where pit road was not a make or break place. What I mean is that in the past it really didn’t matter if you gained ...

2008 Daytona 500–Looking BACK, it almost didn’t happen for one crewman

All great events have a great story behind them. This one might not be an emotional tear jerker your looking for, but it’s a pretty good story. The year was 2008 and ...

The Infamous Youtube Tire Kicking Incident–Tony Cardamone Explains

People in general love to celebrate others misfortunes. Whether it be a disasterous injury or a foolish mistake, people love when others fail. This story is about one of those fails. Tony ...

The advantages of 150’s from a Pit Coaches perspective

Every sport has preseason that can sometimes become boring or useless to the teams. Nascar racing is a little different. Today is 150 duels and this is a very important day, not ...

Pippa’s Cafe–New Sponsor of the Crewman of the week

Just recently Pippa’s Café has jumped on board to sponsor the “Crewman of the week”. With that being said, the Crewman of the week will receive a voucher for a free appetizer ...

Top 5 pit crews to watch and why!

#1 Organization: Stewart Hass Racing Team: 10 Driver: Danica Patrick Front Changer: Shayne Pipala Front Carrier: Jon Bernal Jack Man: Gabe Martin Rear Changer: Coleman Dollerhide Rear Carrier: Dwayne Moore Gas Man: ...

jet dryer
How the new Nascar Titan Jet Dryer will effect pit crews and pit road.

There has been a lot of talk over the last few days about the new Titan Jet Dryer that Nascar has developed. All the talk is about the features it has and ...

Who Replaced Who–2013 Pit Crew Changes

This is the same roster sheet as the 2013 Cup Roster sheet that came out yesterday with the exception of who replaced who. The names in RED are new to the teams. ...

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