Date archive: January 2013

Crewman Aaron Walker goes from NFL to pit road.

Now a days it’s not breaking news to here of a guy who came from the NFL to pit road. It’s not everday news but it’s not the first time. What makes ...

Crew guys hit the woods when the season is over.

One of the most asked questions crew guys get towards the end of a season is, “What do you guys do in the off season.” There are to many things to list ...

pit comp
Thoughts on the possibility of NO pit competition!

The pit competition has become one of the best family events to take your kids to in years. For the last few years the competition has grown in popularity and in fun. ...

EGR goes to Fort Bragg for some team building.

The off season is time for teams to spend with their families and friends. As soon as the new year passes it’s back to business for most teams. One thing that crews ...

Coaching changes on pit road for 2013

Coaching changes on the Cup Sides Every off season Nascar Cup teams make changes. More than not changes are made in all facets of the teams. Here at Pittalks we aren’t as ...

Tire Changer Dave Collins and Tire Carrier Blake Haugland tackle the Bone Island Half Iron Man.

Most people don’t like to run, swim, or bike at a very competitive rate. You add all three of those things together and you have one of the most grueling events you ...

Brannon and Sweezy chasing two different championships!

Any kid that has ever played sports has dreamed of winning a championship at some level. For two best friends from Mooresville, NC that dream is now. Penske Racing Jack Man Braxton ...

Keith Mansch–“Where are they now”

With the winter upon us there is no better time than now to catch up with some veteran crew man. This week our “Where are they now” crew man is Keith Mansch. ...

Front Tire Changer Clay Robinson Talks Business.

Clay Robinson is the front tire changer on the #88 of Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Hendrick Motorsports. Over the last few years he has not only been proving to be one of ...

Pit Road “Nick Names” for Crewman

Every sport has their share of “Nick Names” assigned to certain people. Pit Road is no exception. We put our heads together and tried to come up with some of pit roads ...

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