Every once in a while we try and catch up with some one who spent some time on pit road. We tracked down a trie carrier who spent a while on pit road and decided to retire a few years ago to move to Texas. Ryan Buscaglio was nice enough to take some time out to talk with us and let us know what he’s been up to since his days on pit road. Here is what he had to say.

What got you into pitting? I give all the credit to Heath Cherry. Heath is currently the rear tire carrier on the 11 car of Denny Hamlin. We were both played on the same College football team and were injured during the same time. He drug me to a tryout on the way to a preseason panther game in Charlotte. I wasn’t initially interested at the time, however was eventually convinced by the trainer for Bill Elliott to try out. Once I did, they offered me a job.

Over your career, what teams did you work for? 94 and 9 with Bill Elliott, 99 Jeff Burton/Carl Edwards, 8 Dale Jr,and the 1 Martin Truex Jr.

What is your athletic background? Football. Grew up in Florida and was offered a scholarship to some redneck institution in Hickory,NC that I never heard of. After a visit, I really enjoyed the southern hospitality and change in atmosphere from South Florida and I was hooked. (Just for the record, that redneck institute is Lenoir Rhyne University, home of the fighting Bears)

How many years did you pit, and how many career wins do you have? I spent 10 seasons on pit road and have 5 victory lane pics hanging in my garage, and 1 Pit Crew Challenge Championship.

What was the highlight of your racing career? The Pit Crew Championship with the #1 car in 2006.

Why did you get out? After 10 seasons, It was time to call it quits. The road was great for a single guy in his 20s. Once I hit my early 30’s and had my first child I realized that it was time for a change. I always had a full time career as an occupational therapist and pitted race cars in my spare time. As you know, after having babies, my spare time pretty much was nonexistent and I knew it was time for a new chapter in my life.

Do ever wish you would have stayed? I really miss the quality time with my buddies, the trash talking and weekly competetion. However, I do not miss the early Sunday wake up calls and the long days.

Do you still watch some of your old teammates still pit? I try but now I live in Austin Tx. Football is life down here and I have to admit that I spend most of my time going to longhorn games on Saturday and watching my Steelers on the Sunday ticket.

What do you miss most? Honestly, my friends. 10 years with the same guys each week. You really develop some really fantastic relationships with the guys on pit row. I still miss the times that we would sit around drinking sundrops and shooting the shit on pit road.

Who was the best pit crew member that you got to pit with? The legend and future HOFer. Mr Mike Trower. My tire changer in my final season. That guy has won more races and championships then the Yankees and could be the most down to earth and humble guy you would ever meet.

What do you think is the biggest change in the crew guys now and when you pitted? The amount of time the guys practice and prep for a race. Most of my time we practiced 2x a week for about 30 minutes per practice. Then we would conclude with some cold beers on the back of my pickup. I’m hearing that guys now are actually working out and doing Yoga and Pilates. I hear that they are practicing each day for 3-4 hrs per day.

What was the funnest part of pitting for you? Two words….Mark Kennerly. He makes me laugh just saying his name. Seriously, It was a lot of hours and Sundays were a lot of stress, however looking back it was completely worth it. I had great memories on the plane rides to the race, the crappy hotels that we stayed at, the pranks that we played on each other, and of course the victories.

Where and what are you doing now? I’m a Father of 2 and husband of 1. Living in Austin TX. I work as an Occupational therapist treating primarily orthopedic patients in their home. We have made some profitable real-estate investments over the years and my goal is to retire before 40 and travel the world.

Pittalks would like to thank Ryan for taking the time to talk with us. It’s always good to catch up with a guy that spent so many years on pit road. Good luck with your job and enjoy Texas.

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