Name: Tim Boatwright

Position: Jack man

Years on pit road: 15

Teams: Penske, Yates, Roush, CC Wellever

How did you get into racing? I got in to racing by accident. I was in the right place at the right time. Once I got in the shop I started to learn how to jack. From the time I started jacking to my first race was about three months. Times were different back then. I think I was hired in November and I was jacking in December.

What was your best memory you had from pit road? Probably the Bristol races with Rusty Wallace. The night we got dumped by Gordon was probably the most memorable but not the best.
If you weren’t jacking what do you think you would have been doing? Probably being a boat mechanic in some boat yard somewhere. I went to school for that and got certified, so that would have been my course for sure.

What was the best crew you ever worked on? I would say the #2 car of 2003 and 2004.

Why did you decide to get out? Economy pushed me out. Teams weren’t paying as much for contract guys when the economy took a dump and I guess I was too old…lol?

Was it hard to handle not pitting when your time was up? It was the right time. Daytona was tough to watch for the first time but it’s been fine sense I got out. I definitely don’t miss the travel and long days.

What do you do now? I own my own boat and jetski repair shop, Snake eyes power sports. I also own, bloodtrackers Archery located in Troutman. I started Snake Eyes back in 1999 and Bloodtrackers in 2009. We are the areas only archery pro shop.

What are your goals with your company? To make a living right now. Just make it as successful as I can and make money.

Do you still keep in touch with some of the guys you pitted with? Oh yeh, when they want to return phone calls. Those guys live a fast life each week and it’s hard to keep in touch. They’ll all call when there hunting equipment’s broke, lol.

Last one, tell us something funny that might have happened during your pitting career, something interesting that people might not know about you? I was driving the rental van after Michigan. Rusty had just wrecked out and we were all pretty upset. When we were leaving a cop pulled out in front of us without looking and I plowed him, never checked up. After I hit him I figured it was better to just keep digging. About 4 miles down the road outside of the track the front headlight came off and flew back and hit our teammates in the van behind us. Best part was, the van was in George Whitley’s name, the 12 cars gasman, so know one took the blame.

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