Date archive: April 2012

Tale of Two Stops

Anyone who doesn’t think Nascar pit crews have the pressure of a whole race on their shoulders didn’t watch the race at Richmond Saturday night. With 12 laps to go a caution ...

Just Another Year.

A while back we did a story,”Ying and Yang”, on Clay Robinson and Mike “Tiny” Houston . They were a changer and carrier that had been together for 13 years on pit ...

All he did was win–The Kenneth Purcell Story

There is a guy on pit road that is so quite that if you didn’t know him or his story you would never know he pitted a Cup car and won 4 ...

Iron Sharpening

            Have you ever had a friend in your life that sharpened you? A person who didn’t always tell you what you wanted to hear but rather who ...

The Comeback–The Kyle Turner Story

It was just a few years ago that the name Kyle Turner turned heads as one of the best Rear Changers in Cup. Over the last few years that name has lost ...

Giving Back

We would like to share a story with everyone from this weekend in Texas. Word got out a few days ago that the fine people from MRO were joining forces with Samaritans ...

RCR Combine

For the last two days RCR has held an open combine for anyone interested in becoming a pit crew member in the future. Pittalks was able to talk to Coach Eric Wilson ...

Mark “Hollywood” Armstrong

Anyone who has watched racing for the last few years knows the name Mark “Hollywood” Armstrong. What you might not know is how Mark got his start on pit road, and also ...

The Same Power

            Have you ever said, “I can’t do this?” The first time I ever pitted a racecar was in Lakeland FL in the pro cup series. It is ...

The Lenoir Rhyne College connection.

The town of Hickory, NC is best known in the racing world as the place of the famous Jarrett family. It is where Ned learned to drive as well as his son ...

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